P*tang Ina

Babala. Ang mga sumusunod na salita ay hindi angkop sa mga bata. Ako po ay naghihimutok sa galit at naglalabas lanang ng sama ng loob.

Putang Ina.

Ang sakit magpakatanga. 
Nakakabagot Maghintay
Nakakapagod Umasa
Lalo na para sa wala

Putang Ina.

Nakakasawang magtiwala
Maniwala sa mga Pangako
Maalalang Ginamit ka
at ikaw lang ang natalo

Putang Ina. Tang Ina.
Ang sarap sabihin at ipagsigawan kagaya ng pagkakasabi ni Angelica sa That thing Called tadhana. na isa rin sa mga putang inang movie na pinapaasa ang mga taong tulad ko na may darating na Putang inang tao na sasamahan ka. pero bandang huli ipinakita rin ang putang inang katotohanan na maghihiwalay din kayo. magkakasakitan, iiyak, malulungkot.

tang inang love life ito.

Putang ina talaga.


If it Unites the World

If the entire world unites, the innocent won’t have died in vain. There had been a lot of tragic events recently. Not only natural disasters but also acts of terrorism. Their reasons for such acts is beyond comprehension and is already a severe violation of nature. The only possible good, that I can see from these event is higher chance or probability of unity among nations. As fictional the idea may seem, don’t you think that there will come a time the the world will act as one to end the cause of these tragedies. It’s them against the world. Though war is a horrifying means to attain peace and the our generation cant even comprehend the idea or the feeling of being in a war is, it might be inevitable.

Ask war veterans and documentaries about the last world war…..they wished that it didn’t happen.

Yes, I understand the satisfaction of the thought of seeing them punished and the feeling of revenge. I feel that too. That sinister idea of dropping a weapon that can reduce an entire country to rubble and exterminating the terrorist.

But what made us different from them? Killing innocent lives for our cause… I had once thought that this particular group wants Christians and Muslims to hate each other. That way they can justify they were right and gain support or members to expand their group. While making Christians break their divine law.

It is quite scary to think about the fact that almost a century ago we were at war….and right now we are about to let history repeat itself. Superpowers being attacked by terrorist and agitating them. Countries trying gain more territories. 

I don’t know what else to do, but to pray.

To Codename L: I Keep my Promises

I don’t know if you still remember my blog or read it but I trust that you do. I am happy that I had the chance of chatting with you twice, and you talked to me longer when I was being myself. I was about to go beast mode on you because I thought you tricked me during our first chat. You tried to protect your identity by saying you were just a poser and admires the the person in your profile pic, which was really you. I would have done the same thing. In fact I did the same thing at some point in my life.

You said you were the same person and you just used the your second name that only a few people know which sort of reminded me of myself. That again reminded me of myself, because I was accustomed to using my first name only and often neglect the second one because people fail to pronounce it properly.

One time your sent me a childhood pic as a throwback, so I sent mine. You looked like a korean toddler. And for some reason, we ended up knowing that we both lack siblings. That is probably why we understand each other in terms of that. The pros and cons of an only child. But you’re older haha

You sent me a cropped picture of your lips because that is the only covered part in your profile pic. You sent me a cropped picture of your collarbones because that’s the part we want to improve on. I also sent you mine, but yours is more defined and deeper.

I made you a promise one night that I would be your date if ever we can’t find anyone in the dating app we are using. We would meet on February 14. Until then we will try to achieve our perfect form (hahahaha) or improve on our collarbones in the hope that we would be able to find each other attractive.

You mentioned before that you once had a suitor but he stopped pursuing you for some reason. I hope I can make a difference. I may not be qualified as one, but I want to be your friend at the very least. I want to let you know someone can wait for you. Someone is capable of waiting for you. But no one can wait forever, so for now I will wait for you until February 13.

Thank you and I hope we will finally meet each other.




“Never trade temporary pleasure for permanent regret.”- Dave Willis

Last week. Around this Time of night I was not home. It may not sound as exciting, but it was for me. For the first time, I went out to meet someone blindly. I waited and he came, shook hands and we were off.

It was as if I was living in one of David Levithan’s books. We went to the park, sat at the edge of the flower box across Burmham lake and familiarized with each other. We were getting closer and closer until he put his arm around me. He complained of my height so hunched forwards. He then place his head on my back. I then put my arm around him since he noticed that it got chilly. After an hour, we ate and then we were on out way home.

In the cab we took, he made excuses to hold my hand, saying it was small and had big fingernails…then he interlaced his hand on mine.

We were holding hands for five minutes. I no longer cared about what the driver thought but I was happy.

I am happy.

I wondered if I had said no to him when he invited me, what would have happened.

But it didn’t bother me for a long time, unlike the times I have said no when I wanted to say yes. I wondered what could have happened out of a million possibilities. When I said yes, the only possibility I thought off was me in my room wasting away my youth on tv shows, social media and movies.

Even though it was temporary, I am happy I had the chance to experience it.