“Never trade temporary pleasure for permanent regret.”- Dave Willis

Last week. Around this Time of night I was not home. It may not sound as exciting, but it was for me. For the first time, I went out to meet someone blindly. I waited and he came, shook hands and we were off.

It was as if I was living in one of David Levithan’s books. We went to the park, sat at the edge of the flower box across Burmham lake and familiarized with each other. We were getting closer and closer until he put his arm around me. He complained of my height so hunched forwards. He then place his head on my back. I then put my arm around him since he noticed that it got chilly. After an hour, we ate and then we were on out way home.

In the cab we took, he made excuses to hold my hand, saying it was small and had big fingernails…then he interlaced his hand on mine.

We were holding hands for five minutes. I no longer cared about what the driver thought but I was happy.

I am happy.

I wondered if I had said no to him when he invited me, what would have happened.

But it didn’t bother me for a long time, unlike the times I have said no when I wanted to say yes. I wondered what could have happened out of a million possibilities. When I said yes, the only possibility I thought off was me in my room wasting away my youth on tv shows, social media and movies.

Even though it was temporary, I am happy I had the chance to experience it.


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