The Hope of Line 20

  1. Life is full of dreams we want to fulfill
  2. Colored by fantasies we want to live in
  3. Yet, we relive the nightmares of the past
  4. Living the Reality of our present is mere tragedy
  5. I gaze upon the night sky, and wonder
  6. If stars know they were never alone
  7. If they know they are shining so bright
  8. If they know someone is looking up to them
  9. I look at the moon and bathe in its light
  10. I ask her if ever she gets jealous of the sun
  11. For its brightness, power and warmth
  12. Not realizing, the moon needs them too
  13. As the sun breaks the darkness of dawn
  14. As the sun rises, a new day is born
  15. Yet, we live our days like it was yesterday
  16. And forget to live the future we thought of yesterday
  17. Our dreams remain as dreams in our sleep
  18. The nightmares of the past hunts our reality
  19. Our fantasies swallowed by today’s reality
  20. Yet we can still be happy despite these tragedy

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