To Codename L: I Keep my Promises

I don’t know if you still remember my blog or read it but I trust that you do. I am happy that I had the chance of chatting with you twice, and you talked to me longer when I was being myself. I was about to go beast mode on you because I thought you tricked me during our first chat. You tried to protect your identity by saying you were just a poser and admires the the person in your profile pic, which was really you. I would have done the same thing. In fact I did the same thing at some point in my life.

You said you were the same person and you just used the your second name that only a few people know which sort of reminded me of myself. That again reminded me of myself, because I was accustomed to using my first name only and often neglect the second one because people fail to pronounce it properly.

One time your sent me a childhood pic as a throwback, so I sent mine. You looked like a korean toddler. And for some reason, we ended up knowing that we both lack siblings. That is probably why we understand each other in terms of that. The pros and cons of an only child. But you’re older haha

You sent me a cropped picture of your lips because that is the only covered part in your profile pic. You sent me a cropped picture of your collarbones because that’s the part we want to improve on. I also sent you mine, but yours is more defined and deeper.

I made you a promise one night that I would be your date if ever we can’t find anyone in the dating app we are using. We would meet on February 14. Until then we will try to achieve our perfect form (hahahaha) or improve on our collarbones in the hope that we would be able to find each other attractive.

You mentioned before that you once had a suitor but he stopped pursuing you for some reason. I hope I can make a difference. I may not be qualified as one, but I want to be your friend at the very least. I want to let you know someone can wait for you. Someone is capable of waiting for you. But no one can wait forever, so for now I will wait for you until February 13.

Thank you and I hope we will finally meet each other.




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