If it Unites the World

If the entire world unites, the innocent won’t have died in vain. There had been a lot of tragic events recently. Not only natural disasters but also acts of terrorism. Their reasons for such acts is beyond comprehension and is already a severe violation of nature. The only possible good, that I can see from these event is higher chance or probability of unity among nations. As fictional the idea may seem, don’t you think that there will come a time the the world will act as one to end the cause of these tragedies. It’s them against the world. Though war is a horrifying means to attain peace and the our generation cant even comprehend the idea or the feeling of being in a war is, it might be inevitable.

Ask war veterans and documentaries about the last world war…..they wished that it didn’t happen.

Yes, I understand the satisfaction of the thought of seeing them punished and the feeling of revenge. I feel that too. That sinister idea of dropping a weapon that can reduce an entire country to rubble and exterminating the terrorist.

But what made us different from them? Killing innocent lives for our cause… I had once thought that this particular group wants Christians and Muslims to hate each other. That way they can justify they were right and gain support or members to expand their group. While making Christians break their divine law.

It is quite scary to think about the fact that almost a century ago we were at war….and right now we are about to let history repeat itself. Superpowers being attacked by terrorist and agitating them. Countries trying gain more territories. 

I don’t know what else to do, but to pray.


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