Shooting Star

One night, when the city lights swallowed every star in the sky I saw a shooting star.

I saw it for a split second, but it was there. I saw it when nobody else did. I saw how it scratched the darkness while others are blinded by the light from their smartphones. I told them there was a shooting star that night and most of them did not believe me, others asked if I made a wish. I said “No, I didn’t ” and saw their dismay.

Why do we believe in such a thing in the first place? An object from the heavens has nothing to do with our earthly desires. If the shooting star saw me looking at it, will it expect me to do something for it?


I can only acknowledge its existence and admire its beauty.

….and it can only wonder why I’m looking at the sky, was I waiting for it, why was the only pair of eyes looking upwards belonged to this person sitting at a table outside a café?

Then again. It was just a shooting star. Embodied by my desire for someone to ask those questions, as I end this post with a period.


Isigaw mo

Malapit na ang pasko at bagong taon.

“…It’s that time of year, when good friends are near…”

…….”Give love on Chri-ieeh-stmas day (On Christmas day-ey)

Lakas maka-LSS niyan. Actually, wala yang connect sa post ko, gusto ko lang mahawa kayo sa LSS ko ngayong dis-oras ng gabi.

Paano kaya kung wag na tayong bumili ng paputok ngayong Bagong Taon? (sabagay, sa ibang lugar bawal naman talaga pero may mga pinanganak na pasaway)

Paano kaya kung wag na tayo bumili ng torotot, i-todo ang volume ng TV, sadyang patunugin ang alarm ng sasakyan or magpatugtog sa basag na speakers? (anong balak ko? Gawing silent night ang new year? Hinde)

Paano kung gawin nating pampa-ingay ngayong Bagong taon ay ang mga bunganga natin?

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One sleep-deprived day. Unfinished work. Heavy Bag…..Bags.

Anyone would want to go straight to bed right after a day like this. Any ordinary person would do it, I would do it. But no, I chose not to, not today.

Earlier that afternoon, I procrastinated for  2 hours before I started sorting the examinations papers. When I was in the flow of my work, which is sorting, Kaz texted and asked if I was free. So I replied yes. and we ended up going out. So I rushed the other 2 exams and brought the rest, and that’s why my bag was heavy. As for my sleep deprivation, that is because I finished making the 4 sets of exams I sorted around 5 am and had to have it checked around 9 am otherwise it will be late.

Kaz and I had no idea where to go. Me being sleep deprived and him being tired from work. We were suppose to go to the resto he mentioned before at Kisad, but when I brought it up he said it was too far and besides he had a merienda buffet at Elements that afternoon. He wanted to have some drinks, I wanted to have something light because I know I will be sleeping as soon as I get home.

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One-Eight-One Bistro

Patch Café

Kape Bantay

3 Cafés in Baguio and I am happy to have tried them. I suddenly have this impulse to try all the local cafés in Baguio or near Baguio(haha well who knows right?). The thing is anywhere is fine, it is just comforting to know that I won’t be alone or even if I was, there would less couples in the café.

Anyway, after having been hurt and about to get driven to the corner of loneliness I realized they exist and chose to give up on people like them. The pain is there but the thing that is important is the lesson I learned from those experience. No choice is truly bad or wrong if you learn from the experience.

So far I have been to those 3 out of the many café that sprouted recently.

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Magic Trick

Every magic trick begins with the expectator trusting what the magician says. Like “I have nothing under my sleeves,”” I am showing you 54 normal cards” or “This is an ordinary *insert an object here*”

Abracadabra! Or any other magical phrases with a wave of his hand something magical happens. He probably read our mind, the object disappeared, or something reappeared.

I’m not sure if the awe came from the fact I trusted him and something magical Happened or it came from the magic trick and its execution.

The awe and happiness that lie brought was true…

….still it was a trick


Madaling maloko. Madaling umasa.

Tanga eh.

Inosente. Maniniwala sa lahat ng sasabihin sa kanya.

Ignorante. Madaling makuha ang loob sa konting pag hawak ng kamay, pag akbay at pag sandal.

Uto. Madaling magtiwala at umasa sa mga pangakong hindi matutupad.
Nasaktan. Natuto sa katangahan niya.

Mapagduda. Palaging may plan B, hindi na sineSeryoso ang mga pangako. Siya man ang nangako or sa kanya nangako.

Manhid. Walang maramdaman.

Bitter. Wala nang pinaniniwalaan.

Matalino eh. Utak na ang ginamit.

Patay na ang puso, ginawang pataba sa tanim na galit na dinidiligan ng mga luha at mga ideya ng utak.

Yan ang ginawa mo sakin.

Punyeta ka.

Waiting at the Cathedral

I’m in my best attire. Waiting in front of the Cathedral, holding a bouquet of stargazers and white roses that we both love. I stand near the benches, in the sea of awkward glances, or amusement while I wait for you. I no longer feel uneasy of the way people looks at me, because the only thing that matters to me now is how you look at me. My ears had become deaf to the insults others throw at me and only hear your whispers. Then I realized that I stopped talking too much about them when I met you and I started talking about me, you and us.

As the sun sets, coloring the sky with a warm orange the church bells chime ending the Mass. I walk to the center of the Cathedral’s plaza and wait for you to come out. In the flood of people going out, I would have drowned in their looks and glances like I was a crazy man standing there, but no because I am stronger now than I were before I met you. I must admit that every step every passer-by makes my heart skip a beat. The fear that you could have passed by already, or went the other way scared the crap out of me. The fear that I could have waited for nothing pierces through my chest and make my my fragile heart crumble. But no, I know it is today. Today is the day we’ll be free to love each other.

5 minutes….10 minutes have passed. Still there’s no sign of you. People coming out gets fewer and fewer. I was beginning to worry. A crowd of onlookers have started to gather in a circle around me. Curious of what is going to happen, what this guy holding a bouquet of stargazers and white roses would do or to whom will he give it to. I was starting to lose hope, those fears starting to consume me and the looks starting to drown me in embarrassment. Until…

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