Waiting at the Cathedral

I’m in my best attire. Waiting in front of the Cathedral, holding a bouquet of stargazers and white roses that we both love. I stand near the benches, in the sea of awkward glances, or amusement while I wait for you. I no longer feel uneasy of the way people looks at me, because the only thing that matters to me now is how you look at me. My ears had become deaf to the insults others throw at me and only hear your whispers. Then I realized that I stopped talking too much about them when I met you and I started talking about me, you and us.

As the sun sets, coloring the sky with a warm orange the church bells chime ending the Mass. I walk to the center of the Cathedral’s plaza and wait for you to come out. In the flood of people going out, I would have drowned in their looks and glances like I was a crazy man standing there, but no because I am stronger now than I were before I met you. I must admit that every step every passer-by makes my heart skip a beat. The fear that you could have passed by already, or went the other way scared the crap out of me. The fear that I could have waited for nothing pierces through my chest and make my my fragile heart crumble. But no, I know it is today. Today is the day we’ll be free to love each other.

5 minutes….10 minutes have passed. Still there’s no sign of you. People coming out gets fewer and fewer. I was beginning to worry. A crowd of onlookers have started to gather in a circle around me. Curious of what is going to happen, what this guy holding a bouquet of stargazers and white roses would do or to whom will he give it to. I was starting to lose hope, those fears starting to consume me and the looks starting to drown me in embarrassment. Until…

You went out…with your head bowed down as I lift mine. When you finally lifted your head, you saw me at the center of an anxious crowd. I smiled with tears welling in my eyes. You walked awkwardly straight to me and gave me a hug. A hug so tight that set us both free. I can hear mixed reactions among the crowd that watched us. Disappointment, disgust, amusement and awe with snaps of flashes from their smartphones. We didn’t care.

“I love you”

“I love you too”

As the warmth of the sunset sunk in the mountains and the deep blue of the night blankets the sky, the Christmas lights of the Cathedral twinkles like star and the incandescent lamps in the plaza give warmth to everyone in the plaza.

We share a kiss.


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