One-Eight-One Bistro

Patch Café

Kape Bantay

3 Cafés in Baguio and I am happy to have tried them. I suddenly have this impulse to try all the local cafés in Baguio or near Baguio(haha well who knows right?). The thing is anywhere is fine, it is just comforting to know that I won’t be alone or even if I was, there would less couples in the café.

Anyway, after having been hurt and about to get driven to the corner of loneliness I realized they exist and chose to give up on people like them. The pain is there but the thing that is important is the lesson I learned from those experience. No choice is truly bad or wrong if you learn from the experience.

So far I have been to those 3 out of the many café that sprouted recently.

One-eight-One Bistro

November 29. So I got here after a tiring dance production in a school program. Kaz invited me to go with him and I said “Sure.” Because that night was the night I gave up on the last guy I met up with, the user. So I said, why not. I had their hot green tea latte, and it is competing with the green tea latte of SB already. I guess I’d settle for “at par” with the green tea latte of SB and it’s cheaper. I also ordered their Cheesy Pesto pasta and it was divine. Usually the pesto pasta that I have tasted were olive-oily (haha) which I think is the original recipe, the rest are either have too much pesto/basil that it cannot be mixed well or it the pesto is lesser.

Patch Cafe

December 1. I came here alone after the lantern parade and drawing a sun around a blind beggar out of impulse and brought about by the iced coffee I brewed at home.  

Anyways, after using up all my chalks and a little bit embarrassed after a crowd started watching me finish and snapping pictures….so I rushed here. I got their BLT sandwhich and their iced green tea latte (because of the standard One-Eight-One had set). The sandwhich was good. The bread was toasted so well with garlic butter. As for the green tea latte….a bit disappointed. It was too sweet for me so.

Kape Bantay

December 4. Kaz invited me out after my class. This one is quite far because it’s located in La Trinidad, near their public market. Located in an alley with cracked up cement. I was very nervous at first, cautious where this place might be. There’s no turning back now, I’m here and I had been turning back the rest of my life. SO, we went upstairs to the third floor. It looked like a small room, and the host was there. She is japanese and can understand ilocano and english. I had their pesto panini and Kape Bantay blend. It was amazing that once we ordered she just ground the coffee beans. From there I knew that this coffee is gonna be strong. She then started making our sandwiches.

While waiting Kaz and I read some books, discussed medical terms etc.  
She then served our food and coffee. I think the wheat bread was also home made. First sip of the coffee, kicked me like…..the caffeine was good! I did not feel the acid at all. The panini was cheesy…..but I did taste the pesto at first or it was unevenly spread. The place was Homey but I wasn’t able to practice my nihonggo haha. But I will be back here.



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