One sleep-deprived day. Unfinished work. Heavy Bag…..Bags.

Anyone would want to go straight to bed right after a day like this. Any ordinary person would do it, I would do it. But no, I chose not to, not today.

Earlier that afternoon, I procrastinated for  2 hours before I started sorting the examinations papers. When I was in the flow of my work, which is sorting, Kaz texted and asked if I was free. So I replied yes. and we ended up going out. So I rushed the other 2 exams and brought the rest, and that’s why my bag was heavy. As for my sleep deprivation, that is because I finished making the 4 sets of exams I sorted around 5 am and had to have it checked around 9 am otherwise it will be late.

Kaz and I had no idea where to go. Me being sleep deprived and him being tired from work. We were suppose to go to the resto he mentioned before at Kisad, but when I brought it up he said it was too far and besides he had a merienda buffet at Elements that afternoon. He wanted to have some drinks, I wanted to have something light because I know I will be sleeping as soon as I get home.

Then he suggested something I wasn’t able to hear clearly and just nodded and agreed because I can’t suggest anything anyway and aloof. So we walked from school to Legarda….carrying my bag… three heavy bags. Imagine the relief when I let them go when we arrived.


At first I didn’t know where we were, until he mentioned it to me again. I had been wanting to go here. The ambiance was very nice, especially the second floor. The tables were unique and there was a live band. And our table was right in front of the band.


So, after 10minutes  of looking at their menu(which is just one cardboard, back to back), we decided to order. Katz got their hot Choco, while I enjoy nachos and their Hot Butterscotch Sundae.


When the band started playing, the music drowned our voices and we were not able to heard each other completely so we wrote on tissue papers, and we were talking about medical terms(hahaha).

I really love their butterscotch sundae. I love butterscotch in the first place, but their sundae made me love it more. It’s like falling back to love all over again. I’m not sure if that makes sense, but yeah, the vanilla ice cream with the butterscotch syrup or sauce goes really well together. The smooth texture of the ice cream and the grainy/sandy texture tickles my palate. Really loved it. The place and the sundae.


Can’t wait to try their coffee based drink.

I wild certainly be back. One cold night.


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