On a Serious Note

I was opening fb profiles one afternoon and saw this a flipagram video of the cutest gay couple. It was about 4 minutes of extremely cute selfies. They were looking at each other’s eyes, about to kiss, kissing, hugging, in bed, in a car, walking and everywhere. I can just feel the love, merely by looking at their pics. I can’t deny they were both good looking.

So, I looked at the comments which reached around 4k already. Of course, majority were people who swallowed the bible and spitting out plagues of judgment, some were simply bullies who can’t expound or comprehend their own problems with LGBT relationships, others were people using the inability to procreate as their main point, some ladies were disappointed because they were good looking and a few people, like me, just felt happy for them.

People seem to argue and disagree a lot on things that don’t really matter or on things that aren’t suppose to matter. We have a lot of other things to pay attention to but people choose not to pay attention to them.

For people who swallowed the bible whole, neglected to digest it and leading to constipated narrow-minded thinking. One thing I learned from the life of Jesus even without memorizing the stories in verbatim is that he loved us all, equally. His love was unconditional, he loved us all the saints and especially the sinners. He discouraged us from judging and condemning one another. Yes, homosexuality is a sin and there is a possibility that our souls will burn in hell and be stripped of the eternal life in land of milk and honey or in heaven, but that is up to God to decide. If you think we will burn in hell, then please don’t make our lives a living hell now. It’s our souls that will burn not yours, if ever. I believe in a merciful God and a loving Jesus Christ. Only he knows what is truly right and wrong.

For people using procreation as their point, we know that overpopulation is one of our problems right now. A lot had invested on contrceptives and birth control methods, isn’t it difficult to just consider homosexuality as part of it? Though we can’t force someone to become homosexuals, allow or consider homosexuality as a solution rather than a problem. since homosexuals cannot procreate and if they want a child they can adopt children who were wither orphaned or abandoned by others.

For the ladies who find handsome gay or bi men a waste, even I feel that way sometimes but we cant blame em….if they felt that way, it’s not a sickness that would go away.

Btw, the video was Harvi John Alarcon and his BF….can’t seem to find their instagram accounts. hoping someone can link me there…







Minsan, napapaisip na lang ako.

“Bakit kaya may taong sadyang napakaraming biyaya ang natatanggap sa buhay?”

Yung tipong sobra sobra na ang natatanggap.

Yung halos lahat nasa kanya na. Lahat ng gusto, abot kamay lang.

Yung pangarap nila naging katotohanan na, parang nabubuhay na sila sa panaginip nila.

Yung tipong ang isang basong kape na iniinum nila ay mas mahal pa sa kinikita ng isang tao.

Yung halaga ng pagkain nila na ubod ng ganda ngunit kakarampot lang, kaya ng magpakain ng isang pamilya.

Yung palikuran niya, mas malaki pa sa bahay ng isang pamilya.

Bakit kaya?

Iniisip ko na lang. Baka naman dati may mga pinagdaanan din siya.

Naranasan niyang mawalan ng kanyang pag-aari.

Yung tipong sinuko na ng tadhana ang buhay niya. Halos, inaantay na lang niya ang kamatayan

Na ang buhay ay isang napakasamang bangungot at sana’y gumising siya sa isang panaginip at duon na lang manatili.

Na kahit isang baso ng malinis na tubig hindi siya makainom

Na lumipas ang ilang araw at hindi pa rin nakakakain.

At matulog sa simbahan, marungis, mabaho at umiiyak.

Lahat tayo may pinaghihirapan.

Huwag lang susuko at ipagpatuloy lang ang pag abot sa mga pangarap.

Dahil balang araw baka tayo din



One day. Someday. Today
Somehow. Found ways.
Magical but stupid yet possible

That in one word it feels right
That in one look it feels true
That in the lightest touch it is warm
That in one embrace I feel whole
That in one kiss I know it is you

It is you I longed for every lonely night.
Imagining you were the pillow I lean on, hug and cry myself to sleep.

It is you whom I searched for while walking at the park on a cold night. Wishing your hands were my gloves, you arms were my scarf and your body as my coat.

It is you whom I waited for while eating dinner. Wishing to hear your were in front of me instead of an empty chair.

It is you.
That made the possible stupid but magical.
That found a way, somehow
to make Today that someday and one day I had been waiting for.


**Based on the trending meme “Tularan si Juan” but made more about me.

Ito si Ian

Maagang Gumising, Nagluluto ng Breakfast at kakainin ito bago maligo.
Pagnaliligo si Ian, Sinisigurado niya na malinis siya at mabango.
Nag-dadamit si Ian ng angkop sa kanyang trabaho, isang guro.
Nagpo-polo siya ng plain color, or polo shirt na plain color
Naka slacks siya na black or dark colored na jeans
Magsusuot siya ng leather shoes or plain na vans
Aayusin ni Ian ang kanyang buhok, hindi pang porma kundi para mukhang disente

Magdadrive si Ian gamit ang kanyang sasakyan, kung coding nagko-commute
Hindi gumagamit ng cellphone si Ian habang nagdadrive

Hindi rin sobrang lakas ang kanyang radyo at hindi rin siya naka-eaarphones.
Pagdating sa School, magpapark si Ian ng maayos para konsiderasyon sa iba
Aayusin ni Ian ang gamit bago mag-klase,
Magbabasa ng kaunti para marefresh ang kanyang inaral na lecture kagabi

Babatiin ni Ian ang kanyang estudyante at magdadasal sila sa Umaga
Malakas ang boses ni Ian, confident sa kanyang Lecture
Nagkukwento si Ian ng bagay na related sa kanyang discussion para maintindihan ng kanyang estudyante
Nagbibiro siya minsan para magising ang ibang inaantok na

Bago matapos ang kanyang lecture, nagaanounce si Ian ng quiz o assignments
Nagpapaalam si Ian bago umalis ng classroom

Kumakain ng tama at sa oras si Ian, at sinisiguradong maasusutansya ang kinakain niya at pasok sa kanang budget
Pag bakante, nagbababasa si Ian at gumagawa ng lessons niya
Kung hindi man, Nagchecheck siya ng mga quizzes at requirements ng kanyang estudyante para maibalik ito agad
Hindi nanggugulo si Ian sa mga kapwa niya guro

Pagkatapos ng huling klase ng araw ni Ian, pupunta siya sa gym para magexercise
Ayaw niyang pabayaana ang kanyang sarili
Makikipagkita sa Kaibigan si Ian, para makipagkwentuhan at panatilihin mabuti ang kanyang mga kaibigan
Magrerelax si Ian, dahil nasa oras naman ang lahat ng kanyang ginagawa.

Tao si Ian, kailangan din niyang magrelax

Hindi magpapakalunod si Ian sa alak
Hindi maninigarilyo si Ian sa public
Hinding hindi nagdadrugs si Ian

Dahil isa siyang guro, at dapat maging modelo sa mga estudyante

Tapat si Ian
Mabait si Ian

Gusto kong maging tulad ni Ian
Tutularan ko si Ian

Dahil sa ngayon, hindi pa ako “Ian.”


  1. From now on, anyone who congratulates me or greets me a happy birthday online I should drop a  comment or reply “thank you” to each one of them.
  2. Visit a new cafe once a week or eat somewhere I have never eaten before. Or if I’m bankrupt I’ll just go have a walk somewhere I have never been to.
  3. Never let anyone take advantage of me, TWICE. Live by the words “Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”
  4. Travel somewhere, Out of town. Alone
  5. Love myself every single day I wake up. Looking at my reflection. “Hello Gorgeous” “who is that beautiful creature?” Or “Why are you still single?”
  6. Drive my car to work.
  7. Get my first kiss.
  8. Manage my finances. Monitor my expenses and increase my savings. The road to financial independence starts now.
  9. For God’s sake I must do my yearly new year’s resolution, Start working out or exercising to achieve my dream figure before the age of 24!
  10. Buy something for my parents’ birthdays that they will remember or keep. Like jewelry or watch etc.
  11. Tell EJ how you felt about him.
  12. Stop using Dating apps.
  13. Smile everyday.
  14. Watch the movies that you like this year on their first day. Invite anyone to watch it with you or go alone.
  15. Make sure your mobile phone will always have load for unexpected texts.
  16. Do something a daredevil would do. (Extreme activities, zipline, skywalk, etc.)
  17. Enhance or improve your Japanese.
  18. Attend professional trainings or seminars.
  19. Take certification exams.
  20. Take my job as an opportunity to inspire a lot of students to do better and not settle for being average.
  21. Read more books.
  22. Be myself. My true self.