1. From now on, anyone who congratulates me or greets me a happy birthday online I should drop a  comment or reply “thank you” to each one of them.
  2. Visit a new cafe once a week or eat somewhere I have never eaten before. Or if I’m bankrupt I’ll just go have a walk somewhere I have never been to.
  3. Never let anyone take advantage of me, TWICE. Live by the words “Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”
  4. Travel somewhere, Out of town. Alone
  5. Love myself every single day I wake up. Looking at my reflection. “Hello Gorgeous” “who is that beautiful creature?” Or “Why are you still single?”
  6. Drive my car to work.
  7. Get my first kiss.
  8. Manage my finances. Monitor my expenses and increase my savings. The road to financial independence starts now.
  9. For God’s sake I must do my yearly new year’s resolution, Start working out or exercising to achieve my dream figure before the age of 24!
  10. Buy something for my parents’ birthdays that they will remember or keep. Like jewelry or watch etc.
  11. Tell EJ how you felt about him.
  12. Stop using Dating apps.
  13. Smile everyday.
  14. Watch the movies that you like this year on their first day. Invite anyone to watch it with you or go alone.
  15. Make sure your mobile phone will always have load for unexpected texts.
  16. Do something a daredevil would do. (Extreme activities, zipline, skywalk, etc.)
  17. Enhance or improve your Japanese.
  18. Attend professional trainings or seminars.
  19. Take certification exams.
  20. Take my job as an opportunity to inspire a lot of students to do better and not settle for being average.
  21. Read more books.
  22. Be myself. My true self.

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