One day. Someday. Today
Somehow. Found ways.
Magical but stupid yet possible

That in one word it feels right
That in one look it feels true
That in the lightest touch it is warm
That in one embrace I feel whole
That in one kiss I know it is you

It is you I longed for every lonely night.
Imagining you were the pillow I lean on, hug and cry myself to sleep.

It is you whom I searched for while walking at the park on a cold night. Wishing your hands were my gloves, you arms were my scarf and your body as my coat.

It is you whom I waited for while eating dinner. Wishing to hear your were in front of me instead of an empty chair.

It is you.
That made the possible stupid but magical.
That found a way, somehow
to make Today that someday and one day I had been waiting for.


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