On a Serious Note

I was opening fb profiles one afternoon and saw this a flipagram video of the cutest gay couple. It was about 4 minutes of extremely cute selfies. They were looking at each other’s eyes, about to kiss, kissing, hugging, in bed, in a car, walking and everywhere. I can just feel the love, merely by looking at their pics. I can’t deny they were both good looking.

So, I looked at the comments which reached around 4k already. Of course, majority were people who swallowed the bible and spitting out plagues of judgment, some were simply bullies who can’t expound or comprehend their own problems with LGBT relationships, others were people using the inability to procreate as their main point, some ladies were disappointed because they were good looking and a few people, like me, just felt happy for them.

People seem to argue and disagree a lot on things that don’t really matter or on things that aren’t suppose to matter. We have a lot of other things to pay attention to but people choose not to pay attention to them.

For people who swallowed the bible whole, neglected to digest it and leading to constipated narrow-minded thinking. One thing I learned from the life of Jesus even without memorizing the stories in verbatim is that he loved us all, equally. His love was unconditional, he loved us all the saints and especially the sinners. He discouraged us from judging and condemning one another. Yes, homosexuality is a sin and there is a possibility that our souls will burn in hell and be stripped of the eternal life in land of milk and honey or in heaven, but that is up to God to decide. If you think we will burn in hell, then please don’t make our lives a living hell now. It’s our souls that will burn not yours, if ever. I believe in a merciful God and a loving Jesus Christ. Only he knows what is truly right and wrong.

For people using procreation as their point, we know that overpopulation is one of our problems right now. A lot had invested on contrceptives and birth control methods, isn’t it difficult to just consider homosexuality as part of it? Though we can’t force someone to become homosexuals, allow or consider homosexuality as a solution rather than a problem. since homosexuals cannot procreate and if they want a child they can adopt children who were wither orphaned or abandoned by others.

For the ladies who find handsome gay or bi men a waste, even I feel that way sometimes but we cant blame em….if they felt that way, it’s not a sickness that would go away.

Btw, the video was Harvi John Alarcon and his BF….can’t seem to find their instagram accounts. hoping someone can link me there…






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