No President can fix the Philippines.

No President can make the Philippines better.

Nobody can.

The problem is us. If we have a President with and iron fist, that won’t solve the problem. It will only worsen it. Give power to one sector of the government and it will get abused. It will always be abused. With the type of mentality that we have.

No president can make the Philippines better.

If we have a president that pacifies us with things that we want, we will always ask for more, and expect the government give everything to us.

No one can make the Philippines better because it will EVERYONE TO DO THAT.

We have seen demonstrators on national television yelling “WALANG PAGBABAGO!” At “WALANG NAMAN NAGAWA!” But it makes me wonder if ever they did something for the country other than make noise, complain and waste time.

What we need is a President will be upfront with the us Filipinos, that we are doing something wrong. That he alone cannot change the country. Someone who will make us experience, make us feel the need to change the mentality we have right now. That despite our sufferings, can tell us that we are in some ways at fault for those sufferings.

We need a president who can discipline us. Guide not dictate. Someone capable of implementing the law. Has power, but will never abuse it.

Only then that the Philippines will get better.

The time when we change ourselves for the better.

And that will be difficult. By the looks of the territorial disputes with China, we have to love our country and at least be united if ever the worse will happen.

Too paranoid? Yeah, but it is not entirely impossible. The thought of it sends chills to my spine.Hopefully when the new president is elected, we will also start changing.


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