Don’t look at things as completely black or white, Good or Bad, Happy or Sad or Lucky and any opposites you can think of.
….because nothing can completely belong to one of them.
On a political note. I agree there were several developments during the Marcos regime. And there are mishaps and tragic events that happened also.
And for the current administration, there were several mishaps and tragedies that happened but there are improvements and developments also.
No administration can address to all concerns of the filipinos and solve all the problems of the Philippines. Problems come and go.
There will be problems as long as people lives.

There will be problems so the government will have a purpose.

There will be problems so the people will need the goverment.

There will be problems because that is necessary for growth.

Don’t expect the past to be repeated exactly as it had happened. Learn the lesson and move on. That is progress.

If drank spoiled milk, will you stop drinking milk?

It just annoys me that everytime i see a president leave his office you will hear the same NOISY “CONCERNED” PEOPLE shouting at the top of their lungs nothing happened to them. NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO YOU IF YOU DON’T ALLOW THEM FROM HAPPENIN AND CHANGE YOU.

Then the following year, you’ll have cases filed against the incumbent president YOU VOTED. And then after two years you will again shout at the top of your lungs “WALANG PAGBABAGO” for the president that YOU HAVE VOTED.


oh yeah. I remember. It’s Democracy.

Freedom of Speech.


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