The Wonders of Freedom of Speech

Democracy. Freedom of speech. Right to express oneself.

How wonderful it feel to have these privileges available to us.

The freedom to express want we want to say or what we feel. Thanks to social media and we can broadcast those meaningful thoughts and ideas.

If we disagree on what a person says or his idea, we can actually comment it as harsh as we can. Make them feel like they are the lowest life forms of this planet. If that is not enough, we can call others to join us! And together we can hate that person, his entire humanity and even his entire family or his entire race!

If this freedom of expression is taken away from us or deprived from us for even one bit. WE HAVE TO FIGHT BACK! Because it is important, it is important for progress.


Punyeta talaga. Pasensya na dahil naexpose nanaman ako sa naaagnas na utak ng napakaraming tao. Yung tipong mahihiya ang mga talangka sa sobrang bihasa ng mga tao sa Crab mentality. Mahihiya ang mga rebolusyinaryong bayani na namatay para sa kabataan sa katapangan na ipinapakita nila sa facebook. Ang galing galing talaga.

If you got bullied, do you bully him back? Most will say yes,but what made you different than him? Can’t you resort to something that would result you teaching him a lesson without yours being tainted? 

Be the better person.

Another thing with GENERALIZING.Did the brains of most people atrophied that they prefer to hate an entire race or group because the didn’t like one person? 

Ganoon na ba kaliit ang utak natin na mas gugustuhin pa nating magalit sa isang grupo kesa sa isang tao?

To whoever is reading this. It’s up to you to agree or disagree with what I’m about to say.




3 thoughts on “The Wonders of Freedom of Speech

    1. I have no idea of the 1930s Italy and Germany but…yes it is disturbing. Even rights are being abused now. People have become spoiled to the point they cannot recognize their own arrogance.

      Just a thought. Thanks for reading 🙂

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