Earth Hour

The city’s siren rang at around while I was having dinner with my friends. A few people knew why, I even doubted myself if I was right

Earth Hour. The mall starts turning some lights off. We were having dinner at the veranda, and apparently not everyone is participating for the event.

We said our goodbyes and walked along the exit roads from the mall. As I go away, I find my path lit by moonlight. There I saw the stars beginning to show, as the city lights fade. And I wonder, again, I wondered how this night would have turned out if we were together.

I wanted us to bathe in cold blue moonlight pierced by the beams of cars that passes by. Sitting at the darkest bench of the park. We look up and fall in love with the sparkling stars. As the wind, blew caressing our cheeks. Our hands interlace in my coat’s pocket sending warmth throughout our body.

But no…

Once again, I was walking alone. Drenched in rain of the moonlight that cast only one shadow.

Once again, I get blinded by headlights of passing cars, because there is nothing to look at.

Once again, while I wait for a cab, I look at the stars thinking when will this loneliness end

Once again, I look at the diners at the coffee shop behind me wishing I was sitting there with someone

Once again, I will ride the cab….and there goes my night….my night just ended.

I’ll just have to wait. Wait.

I am really hoping that good things come to those who wait because I don’t know what do if it wasn’t.


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