Curry + Tonkatsu

Ayan ang dinner ko kanina kasama ang mga friends ko. Pero hindi kababuyan namin ang gusto kong ikwento sa post na ito. Sabi ng isa sa mga kaibigan ko “Deep – fried foods will make you feel depress. Contrary to popular belief na comfort food sila.” kaya siguro ganito na fi – feel ko ngayon.

Anyway, I woke up in the middle of the night feeling this way already. I feel disappointed about something that never happened. I feel jealous, even if I don’t have the right to be jealous in the first place. Asking myself, why?…..why should I try to squeeze my way into someone’s life? where basically there is no space to fill in (based on my assumption, gah) why?…..I feel so bad that I am starting to pity myself. Am I that lonely to try and make friends to strangers? I’ve always wondered, If I asked someone on a date, what would we talk about? Wouldn’t I just be wasting his time, come out as boring and eliminating the chances of a second date? Am I starting to look desperate?

I want to get this over with.

It’s true, you need to love yourself before trying to love other people. Even if you think you love yourself already, it is will not be enough. Because there is someone out there who can love the imperfections you cannot love yourself.

Paano mo malalaman kung mahal mo na sarili mo?

Kapag hindi ka na hahanap ng iba para maging maligaya, dahil kuntento ka na sa sarili mo. AT kapag may lumalapit na sayo, inaalay ang pag – mamahal nila sa iyo.

….yun lang siguro ang ang kulang ko. akala ko handa na ako at mahal ko na ang sarili ko. hindi papala sapat ito.

In order to find the right one for us, we have to try and be the right one to others.

Everybody wants to find the perfect one, but nobody tries to be perfect for somebody else.

…..I need to burn this Tonkatsu and Curry.





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