Movies in Heaven

Life after death is a common belief shared by Christians. However, instead of proving that belief as true I was more interested with what happens after death (taking the belief as a fact). I always had this idea that after death, everything will be clear. We will discover secrets of people within our circle throught our live. Omniscience in a way, but incomparable to God’s omniscience. Knowing everything that just concerns our lives or the knowledge we are interested in are readily available to us. Now this idea gave birth to a lot of other thoughts, one of them is MOVIES IN HEAVEN.

So what are movies in heaven?

It’s like movies here on earth. There is a huge collection of memories or “recordings” of the lives of all the people still leaving on earth. Now, this recordings contain everything that happens in a person’s lives from his birth to his current everyday routine. Good thing about it is that you don’t have to worry about time, because you have eternal life (and time in heaven is faster than on earth is again another idea of mine) . But if it really bothers you, you can skip to important parts of that person’s life that change him or had an impact on his entire being. That way we can still learn and gain knowledge on how people can be changed by certain circumstances.

How about the recordings of those people who have died? On the last minute of your life, the moment you free your soul from you physical body and while you exhale your last breath that is the moment your “movie” will be returned to you. Your entire movie will play backwards and when your reach the moment of your birth, you die. You can lend your movie to anyone in heaven for them to see.

weird idea, but I sort of prefer this than having no idea of what will happen next at all.

BTW. In my idea of heaven, you will look like half the age of your death. (So if you died at the age of 60, you will like 30 years old).

P.S. People who were denied entry to Heaven, will have to work their way up from the circles of hell.


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