Unspoken Words

June 26

J : (talking about himself. Hating and pitying himself.)
Me: For the nth time, you’re not.
J: (continues badmouthing himself)
Me: Just because I like you doesn’t mean I’ll tolerate you pitying yourself!

June 27

We watched a movie together. You brought your friend. Of course I felt awkward but I tried not to. I talked to her just as I talked to you. I don’t know much. I don’t wanna look like a snob and be non-existent, letting you know I exist is the whole point of inviting you to the movies. I can’t be to chattery, I don’t wanna be an empty can or annoying. As much as  I want to talk to you, nothing interesting comes out of my mouth.

You look good. That polo shirt look good on you, like everything else.
How was your day?
Were your exams difficult? How did you manage?

Can we take a picture together?

We got ourselves comfortable in our seats….[well your seats because I got the slanted one and I have to move every few minutes throughout the movie otherwise I’ll be on the floor.] the trailers starts playing, I enjoy how you react to each one of them. The movie started playing. I enjoyed the movie as much as I enjoy taking glances at you and hearing your reaction to every funny, emotional, and thrilling scene. The movie was over. And again I was speechless. My legs were sore from working out so I stood up like an old man but again I said to myself “I invited someone I like to watch a movie and he came. I spent time with him.”

I wanted to spend more time with you. Invite you over for dinner but you had things to do, you said. On our way to the taxi bay, for the first time in my life I will line up there instead of taking a cab along their route before it reached the mall.I line up there, because you also lined up. Then one by one your friends, started showing up. I got the chance to meet them. And they took you away, with the new GOT episode and invited you over for dinner. You were thinking about it untile it was my turn to ride a cab.

What are your plans tonight? Would you like to have dinner with me?
You like GOT that much? Who’s your favorite character?
So this is your friend. Oh hi (your friend)
Can I join you guys for dinner?

As the cab, left I sighed. I felt happy but broken. I can’t help but smile despite feeling a heavy heart.

I like you. I hope there’s a next time.



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