On Giving Everything


I had been against this idea for sole reason that you have to leave something for yourself. When you’re in love, you are not giving, you are sharing. Otherwise that would be unconditional bordering martyrdom.

Giving everything is impossible in the first place unless you consider yourself finite then you can literally give everything.

To understand this better. What most people believe is that they can give themselves to other people like a book. A book that can be owned, a book that is complex but will never change.

You are a person, not a book. You might say you have given everything but there will always be more to that. When we loved someone but the other doesn’t find it enough, we get hurt but that increases our capacity love. Increases it to the extent that we can forgive them and be able to fall in love again. We are capable of changing, and we try to be better than yesterday.

Instead of a book, you are a living journal. Everyday is a new story. Everything they find something new about you.

And every single day, they will fall in love with you.

And you will write your story together.


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