Life and Death

People basically like to argue. I think because of the satisfaction and superiority we feel when we are “right.” And people love to be unique, superior, to others.

People argue when basically they are fighting for the same thing.

Who deserves to live?

Such a timely issue. I know I’ve posted before how confusing the concept of human rights is. How difficult it is to understand that rights of criminals, who robbed the rights of their victims, deserved protection.

But for now I hate to argue. I want to understand what both sides are fighting for and the root of their argument.

We are fighting for that sanctitiy of life. We are protecting life.

I believe we all agree to that. PERIOD. We don’t have to argue about that. We argue because we add more to that. “Who deserves to live?” and “Does everyone deserve life regardless of how it is lived?”

We are afraid. We are afraid of our own death and those whom we love.

At present, we are afraid of being killed by a drug addict or being mistaken for one and be killed by a vigilant. 

In the end we are afraid of dying. Our right to live taken from us or from those we hold dear. That’s why we are fighting fo life.

And I guess that is something we all have in common. 

Now, did I take a side? Did I point out who deserve to die?

No. Because I am afraid to die. Regardless of the reason or manner of death.


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