Maybe, It’s Mystery

That insatiable curiosity confused with infatuation, or worse, love.

It’s our nature to distinguish what is unique, different or what captures our attention. The longer we ponder on what is different, the the stronger the urge to know more. We ask more questions, and the answers makes us more interested.
And when we are interested long enough, we start to like what is different. When we like things, we want to have them.
When we have them, we believe what is different will stay. If we have them longer, the more time we have to unravel the mystery.
That faith in permanence, will later on ruin the mystery of what is different. Once we have what is different, our interest will fade. Either we are dismayed at what we found, bored, tired for so many things unknown or unanswered, we have unraveled everything or another different thing caught our attention, we will stop.
That’s why, maybe it’s the mystery that captivates us, our curiosity will make us interested and our patience to decide how long we can be interested.


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