Simply Complicated

Simply Complicated

When you CALL, no one answers the phone, the line is busy or you have more awkward silence than an actual conversation.

When you INVITE, you get turned down by a busy schedule, it’s too late, unfavorable weather or the meet up remains a plan.

When you EXPLAIN, people will only retain the flaw of your reasoning will only stick with what they understood.

When you ASK, either you get a lie, an indirect response, a late response or no response at all.

When you SAY you don’t like something, you’re labeled as picky, choosy or something else.

When you STATE you like something, it automatically implies you must have it. When you like people, they feel obligated to return the same feeling.

When you ASK for something you want, you’re selfish and spoiled.

When you TELL someone you love them, they will look for actions not words. They will ask for a reason, when there are too many or remains to be undetermined. 

We are not SIMPLE.


These rules are only possible when everyone chooses to be simple. Because when one chooses to be simple and the other has a complicated perception, no matter how simple your message is it will expand in this person’s mind.

When you CALL, you are creepy.

When you INVITE, you are up to something.

When you EXPLAIN, you are guilty and defensive.

When you ASK, you are annoying.

When you SAY you liles and dislikes, you’re high maintenance.

When you ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT, you are selfish and a brat.

When you TELL that you love someone you’re a player.