Saint or Sinner? Neither.

The thing is the manner we convince people. We believe they’ll choose based on the concept that our cause is good and the others are bad. People like me can’t stand such bigotry. That an existence can be purely made of evil or unbelievably made up of goodness. 

It is clear that we are imperfect beings. We have committed mistakes and correct choices along the way. We can be good and bad. Nobody can be purely good or evil. Nobody can believe two truths at the same time.

How do you convince people about your cause? Give them the truth they seek. The truth that isn’t to evil that it sounds hateful or too good to be the truth.

All I know is that the truth consists of something good and something bad. Why am I sure of that? Because if it weren’t we won’t have two groups arguing today.

If you want unity, don’t discredit each other, rather understand one another believing there is some truth in what they say. It is unfortunate that we find the former easier to do that the latter. That by proving the argument of the other as false, that would mean ours is the truth.

So my stand on the current issue, is neither. Call me uneducated, unaware and passive. I won’t mind. I recognize parts of the truth behind each side. What I hope for is understanding between the two, to “revise” our history in a manner that everyone will recognize as the truth.

He is dead. And isn’t it our nature to remember the good in the person who died, or have your hatred taken your humanity?

Go after the living. His cronies are still alive. Yell for their conviction. Fight like revolutionaries did when he is still alive. I am quite sure no one works alone. With the crimes you accuse him of, he could not have done it alone. 

As the president have said “Let history judge…”


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