The Tulip among Roses that turned out to be Grass.

Like a stab through a heart of stone.

You have successfully unleashed the emotions contained in my solidified heart like pandora’s box that polluted the earth. No matter how bad that sounds there is good in it like im every bad thing that happened. What made earth our earth is the problems we have caused on it. What made me were those feelings I chose to contain.

As our conversation deepened, you reminded me of my Ex and as much as I can relate to yours. From there, I realized I can only try so much that Hurting you will be inevitable.

“Good morning. Thank you. I’ll remember that lesson. You’re always welcome, in case you change your mind. Yes, you deserve the truth and honesty you are looking for, I’m sorry for making the search more difficult than it was.”

It wasn’t my intention to hurt you. In my attempts to help you alleviate the pain, I ended up adding more to it. I have felt how I made you happy, disappointed and sad as our conversation came to an end.

Maybe it’s not that I don’t feel any pain, perhaps I don’t pay attention to what I am suppose to feel because I’m preoccupied trying to determine what others are suppose to feel.

The many questions you have asked during our chat can no longer compare to the questions I have to answer now.

But still, I’m glad I had the chance to meet you.


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