Everyone is fighting a battle you don’t know about.Be nice.

Not every drama is meant to seek attention, it might be a cry for help, a call for ears willing to listen, a hankerchief to wipe tears away or merely an outlet to pour emotions that was bottled in. Either way, Don’t deprive them to exhaust their burden even if it was little.

When someone offers to give you a hand, welcome them or refuse properly. 

Helping hands are hard to comeby, you can’t afford to drive them away. There might come a time you will need them, and no one will be there for you.


6 thoughts on “Unseen

    1. Thanks ulit. Hindi naman lahat ng bagay umiikot sa pag-ibig. Lahat kayang gawin para sa Pag-ibig pero hindi ibig sabihing ito lang ang kailangan natin. Thanks @VJAM magpost ka din minsan para may mabasa naman ako from you.


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