I’m Drunk, I Love You 

Great movie. I don’t know if I just can relate to it much. But so far it’s much closer to my heart than “That Thing Called Tadhana”

Anyway, google the plot. I won’t include it here. I’ll only share my reflections or realizations while watching the movie….TWICE.

Character-wise. I can relate to the 3 characters.

1. Dio

He is the personification of young adults, with regards to career or future plans. He doesn’t have a clear idea of what he really wants. External affirmation is necessary for him to decide or he’s going to based his decision on something that is laid out. Being a young adult, graduating, free from responsibilities he got laid back a “bum” as Carson mentioned.

I can relate to him in the aspect of not knowing where my life would lead me. No idea of what I’m going to do or how I’m going to do things. I want to do something different, fulfill my dreams but reality won’t seem to make it possible. In the aspect of love, like Dio, I had also chose to remain friends with someone who confessed their feelings for me because I know it would be for the best. I think there is a side or instances that will make us hurt each other. When that happens we lose everything, even our friendship.
2. Carson

Carson is an extremely relatable character especially when I was in love. How I made everything possible for my crush’s request or favors. Carson is a personification of holding on and the capacity to love unconditionally for a long time. I was reminded of the time when I had a crush of 5 years that even overlapped my previous relationship.

Maja’s protrayal of Carson was perfect. How she hides her feelings, whispering in the background, jealousy, insecurity with Pathy and all around childishness (in a good and funny way).

Perhaps what I want at the moment is someone like Carson or Jason Ty.

3. Jason Ty

Though his character, his perspective was not focused much in the movie, that made him more closer to my heart. As in most instances when I meet with friends, I listen, probe and ask questions. And that is what Jason Ty did to Carson. Helping her out in sorting her thoughts and feelings in a teasing manner.

I remember a scene when Jason Ty said “…magpakabest friend ka naman sakin oh” to Carson. I’m reminded of a severing fact that there are people who had been there for us but for some reason we don’t wonder if there are times they need us too, they want to experience the things they always provide to others. To be heard and to be comforted way better than they can do or in a different way.
When I first watched the movie, I was feeling a bit down. After a long tiring day, a week of feeling excluded and isolation. At first I felt like the Cameraman. He knows the story, he is there in every scene, every laughter, tears, and intimate moments but he never talks, nobody sees him or everybody just chose to ignore him. But he is there, the besy one who can tell the story. A story he knows but it seems like he’s not part of it.


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