We Set Sail.

Nights with eyes drowned by tears but with one deep breath, and an ear to listen…everything was all right.

There are times, it’s better to believe friends instead of what my mind creates. I felt cold and hateful as I allow distrust and paranoia to envelope my thoughts. Losing myself….losing my life.

I have to Accept the inevitability of change, and sail towards the uncertain future. Otherwise, I’ll drown hoping to relive the past, gasping for air as the waves of regret hits me and currents of attachment pulling me down.

We set sail in different directions and the distance between us grows wider until we become smaller than specks in each other’s vision then disappear completely from the horizon. But no matter how far we go, we sail on the same ocean.

Always remember that at some point, we were sitting on the same shore, with the waves clasping our toes. Dreaming of the day when we will set foot on the land where the sun sets and stars rise.

We dreamt of that together but our journey doesn’t involve each other.


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