Love: Energy

“I am the reason for everything. I am the only why. Don’t try to live your life without me, Howard, please don’t.”
– Love (played by Keira Knightly), Collateral Beauty

Love is like energy. It can neither be created nor destroyed. We can use love as a reason for everything but we cannot point out when love was created and why we started loving someone.

Even before we are born we receive love from our mother. The moment we shared blood inside their womb until we suckle milk from their breast. They give the love they received from their mothers or something better throughout our lives.

Love cannot arise from nothing. Our idea of love, the kind of love we can give, came from the love that we received.
Why did you fall in love with his smile? When did you fall in love with his personality?
Why do you find him so special?When did he start becoming special to you?
We all have our reasons. Surprisingly, that person is right for those reasons against all odds.

He was perfect for you. He was right for you. You love him.

It’s only now that I realized love cannot be destroyed, it can be transformed. I personally believe, once you fall in love you never really stop. You may change as a person, your idea of love may change and the love that you give may change. Nonetheless, it is love.

When a relationship fails, you’ll miss the love that you had.
It wasn’t gone, rather it change into something else.

You’re frustrated because The love your ex gives cannot be sustained or wasn’t enough for you. You’re frustrated because the dream you both built is only being carried out by you and you want to give it up too.

You’re resent him because while you are stuck loving him, he was busy falling in love with someone else. You resent yourself because you feel inadequate, lacking or incomplete that’s why people leave you.

You’re moving on because you love him so much that you are willing to sacrifice the happiness you could have with him in exchange for his happiness no longer involves you. You’re moving on because you know you deserve the happiness and love from someone who is willing to give them to you.

For unrequited love, your love turns to inspiration. It turns you into a better person, reaching you super ego. Because when you are at your best, he might be able to see you. Your love turns to the amount of time you think about him, the text messages you send him, the likes you give to his posts, the smile you give him when you pass by each other along the hallway and your wish to dream about him before you close your eyes. That is love. The bitterness you feel because you are willing to give so much but it wasn’t the kind of love he needs. The confusion between the kind of love you give and the kind of love he can give back. The exhaustion from loving someone unconditionally without seeing anyone else to replenish the love that you give. It will consume you, until there is nothing. An empty space only seeking to be filled with love once again. So you rest, taking time to love yourself. If you don’t receive them from others, give it to yourself. Love yourself, choose yourself until you meet someone who can give you more than what you can give yourself.

Love is the reason for everything.
Love is the only why.

You are love.


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