I’m James Vi Britannia. Yes, it is not my real name as for the reason you’ll know it as you read this page. My alias is inspired from the anime that I love, “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.” To summarize the story in one sentence, Lelouch is given the power to bend the will of others to his liking which greatly helps him in unifying the entire world. So yeah, I like his ideals.

Anyway, this is my blog and page so it is suppose to be about me. The reason why I cannot give my name or even post my picture to keep this level of anonymity because I’m not yet prepared to let everyone know my sexual preference. Hence, the term closet in my domain name. I want this blog to be an outlet of my thoughts, because the need for freedom grows exponentially as I age. I know someday this secret will explode and I’ll finally be out the closet.

I can guarantee you that everything I wrote here in this blog my true thoughts and opinion, without holding back. Except for my name of course.

You can know me but at the same time not know me.

I have a rather passive personality. Being an only child and all (Hope you realize that is one of the reasons why I cannot come out yet). Still on my way to become an ambivert. I love coffee, not the sweet ones and Green Tea. Japan is my only dream travel destination. I am creative in a way, especially when boosted by caffeine.

I am not entirely sure of preferences yet. I find certain boys attractive, especially ones that are shrouded in mystery. Introverted like me. Silent most of the time. However unlike the stereotyped gay men, I have no desire to be a girl, look like one or be one. I also don’t have an outrageous hatred or jealousy towards women. In fact I love being friends with them. So just imagine me like those protagonists in David Levithan’s books (which I really love).

I’d love to be independent. Fall in love. Be loved back. Fulfill my dreams. Come out. Living outside the closet.


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