Jouska Tertius

Jouska – n. a hypothetical conversation that you compulsively play out in your head—a crisp analysis, a cathartic dialogue, a devastating comeback—which serves as a kind of psychological batting cage where you can connect more deeply with people than in the small ball of everyday life, which is a frustratingly cautious game of change-up pitches, sacrifice bunts, and intentional walks.

Habang nagbabasa ng mga report sa Starbucks….

A: Hindi ka nanaman nagsasalita, Yan.

L: Oo nga ngayon nga lang ulit tayo nagkasama.

C: (na-awkward ng kaunti) Ah sorry…Oo nga noh. Sensya nasanay na. Ano ba….hmmm. So far, recently na mimiss ko na naman si Rem. Nakikipag-away sa inner demons ko. Kayo ba anong bago? tagal na natin hindi nag – uusap eh.

A: Hay nako! (sabay irap) siya na naman?! Ewan ko sayo.

L: Akala ko ba okay na, besh?

C: Okay naman na talaga. (kinukumpas ang kamay)

A: Chuserey. (sabay higop sa drink niya)

C: OO NGA!!!….bitch. Kayo ba kamusta na kayo kay Ted???!!

L: Kalma mga beshies. Ako okay na me, wala na. (humigop ng drink niya)

A: I’m not sure. I think wala na.





SB Experience: Caramel Cream Frap with Toffee Nut Syrup

The magical butterbeer.

I got this recipe from a blogger somewhere so I tried it in the hope I could taste the magical butterbeer from the wizarding world. The picture from the blog really looked like the one in the movies. So I got my order and it was white, I actually thought that I might have wasted money. I immediately took a sip and it was magic. I guess the color is just there to deceive muggles. If anyone remembers my experience with toffee nut latte I said it was love but here it taste subtle. It neutralizes the sweet caramel. The nuttiness emphasozes the butter in the caramel. That is why I thought of it as a butterbeer for now. Someday I’ll taste the real one at universal studios so until then I’ll settle for this.

SB Exp: Green Tea Cream

This is happiness for me.

I’m familiar that only a few people love this blend. I don’t have an exact reason whybI love Green Tea cream but I’m sure the best one I’ve tasted is from Starbucks. I just love the earthy and grassy taste (weirdness overload). It reminded me of a favorable taste of wheatgrass (yes I tried drinking wheatgrass and I don’t find it that repulsive). Green tea cream or any other green tea flavored food or drinks remind me of my dream coutry, Japan. Even though I haven’t tasted an authentic green tea from Japan, I am still reminded by the green tea taste. No wonder it makes me happy. Honestly speaking, I also love that light green color. I also love it when the barista added green tea powder generously.

SB Exp: Chocolate Chip Cream

I just found Christmas Cookie Latte’s twin brother.

Chocolate Chip Cream is full of chocolate-y goodness. It can turn you into a child again.I say this blend is very naughty because it comes with millions of chocolate chips which can get stuck in your straw (it happened to me). I tried blowing ito out my tumbler and I ended up with cream splattering on my face. I tried sucking it out from the bottom but was unsuccessful and I looked a bit retarded. Finally I blew it out finally releasing the chocolate chip projectile to nowhere. I really made a mess. That reminded me of being a kid.

SB Experience: Caramel Macchiato

Caramel Macchiato is hidden coffee.

The blend for today. Let’s just say that this blend is subtle when I first tasted it. My first sip, I tasted mostly milk so I mixed it half heartedly. The second one I got blobs of caramel syrup so I mixed it properly this time. However, I’m still have a sweetened fresh milk taste and no signs of the coffee. After a couple of sips, I tasted a hint of coffee. I stopped drinking for a few minutes because I had to fix my things then the secret is revealed. The taste of coffee rising from the back of my throat and it is quite strong. Unlike Mocha which hits me right on the moment it touches my tongue, Caramel Macchiato is enveloped by the creamy milk and its bitterness toned down by the caramel.   I suddenly thought of it like wine, the more I let it breathe and let it play in my mouth its true taste will be revealed.   I thought I only bought caramel and milk. No wonder Caramel Macchiato is hidden coffee

SB Exp: The Classic Mocha

This is for Mocha in general.

Mocha is Mystique (yes, the shape-shifter).   Mocha had been one of the basic coffee I had in SB. For that I believe it is one of the blend mostly experimented upon. In their menu, they have White Chocolate Mocha, Mocha, Dark Mocha and for this season we have Peppermint mocha. I compared Mocha to Mystique because no matter what form or color it takes, I know it is mocha because the distinct taste is there. White Chocolate Mocha obviously had white chocolate in it so it is a bit sweeter and much lighter in color compared to other mocha. As for the dark mocha, the sharp and bitter taste of dark chocolate enhance the bitter taste of coffee even more. The dark chocolate also deepens the mocha color even more. And back to the simple mocha which I always have whenever I have to buy coffee not only in SB. In vending machines, convenience stores, coffee booths and even mocha flavored doughnuts. I just love the marriage of chocolate and coffee.

SB Exp: Christmas Cookie Latte

The unforgettable.

I believe that Christmas Cookie Latte is someone unforgettable. I think she is someone who passes into your life just like any other people BUT she has this qualities that she imparts with you and stays even after she left. And when you savor those bits, you’ll remember her and smile. She is sweet, charming and intelligent.

I can say this about Christmas Cookie Latte because with sip there were bits of cookie crumble that gets left behind. I slightly chew these bits and savor them before taking another sip (for that this is perhaps the longest time it took for me to finish a cup of coffee). This blend is too sweet for me, though. I find it attractive because it formed a nice and well defined layers (I’m not sure if it looks like this in all stores or the Barista is just that good.) The cream, coffee and a brown thick syrup. And for that, it was charming.

Have I met someone like her before?

Yes, I have. There’s a reason why I chose to use the pronoun “she.” Let just say that Christmas Latte is the coffee version of my friend Donna. I met her in Elementary. She is actually one of the people who influenced me a lot. She encouraged me to study (being a genius, herself), taught me how to draw (anime style, since if you can draw like that before you are considered a class artist), fueled my desire or fascination to Japan, and many more. For that we went together in the same high school, where we started to drift apart a little. The distance grew even larger when we decided to take different courses in College, but we still meet since we both chose something inclined with medicine.And after graduating, she moved outside the city without even saying Goodbye. (Ouch! and I just found out about it through facebook.) I’d say I cannot forget her, my ex developed insecurities her even if Donna and I never met during our relationship. She is my Christmas Cookie.

P.S. On another Note: It took a long time for me to order because I was choosing between White Chocolate Mocha and Christmas Cookie. Apparently for no reason at all, I had this weird impulse of choosing White Chocolate Mocha but didn’t order it the last minute thinking is would be too sweet and the caffeine might be too strong (which I find delectable, but not today because I have to sleep). Anyway, when I placed my order the Barista unconsciously forgot to give me a discount for bringing a container for the second time this week. The other Barista also teased her about it, so she insisted on upsizing the my originally “Tall” beverage to “Venti” without  charge. I kept saying it was okay, but when I got my drink it was already “Venti.” I was only hoping to drink a “Tall” beverage today so I could sleep this afternoon but fate gave me “Venti.” To those two Baristas, the entertainment was enough to make my day.