He was my secret and I was his.
Through the eyes of the world, we were friends
Through our eyes, we only see each other
He was mine and I was his. We were lovers.

Walking beside each other everyday
Arms locked and holding hands every night
Fist bumps and high fives after lunch
Hugs and kisses before saying good night

The sun sees the kind of bond we have
The moon sees our acts of endearment
But only our hearts feel the love we give
And our souls know we are meant to be

In the little world we have created
Our love exist and flourishes
When the sun sets in the real world
We go back to our own, our home.

We love each other and we are enough
They don’t have to know what is supposedly ordinary
They don’t have to see when they refuse to see
We had enough, and our love should not suffer for it.

When one person loves another
There is nothing wrong with that.
I love him and he loves me.
Secret or not, it’s not supposed to matter.


Vodka on the Rocks

Playing with ice in a glass of vodka.
Swirling it, holding the glass on the lip
As the dews slide, the vodka gets colder
Yet I get scorched after every sip

I put the glass down, where it used to be
A square outline made by drops of water that fell
I play, I swirl, I listen, I smile then take a sip
“I wish someone would look at me like that.”

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This Familiar Feeling

It was 8:27 pm on a Monday night. I’m still at my work place even if my shift ended at 5 pm. Everyone had gone home while I was doing work. The guard only knocked and told me that I’m the only one left in the building and he needs to lock it. Good thing I was already fixing my things. I turned off the lights, locked the door and left as the guard was turning the lights off of the building. With each step I take, the place got darker. No, I wasn’t scared. I’m no longer scared. Not of ghost or other elements…but finding out that once again, I am alone.

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Moonlight Reunion

Full moon on the Night of the winter solstice. The cold moonlight shines over the warm lights of the bustling City of Pines. As the Christmas countdown begins, the wind begins to blow colder each night.

I’m waiting beside the lamp post, opposite your apartment, feeling a bit warm from its orange light. With my gray coat over a lavender polo and cerulean scarf, which were suppose to keep me warm, but for some reason they were not working. As I wait for you, I recalled how I invited you to go with me tonight. I chuckled and blushed, as two young ladies in their pajamas passed by, probably thinking I’m crazy but they don’t matter

Hey! Are you free on the 22nd?

Yeah, what’s up?

Let’s go to the batch reunion together.

Yeah sure. As long as the food is free.

Eat all you can. Just wear something formal.

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Eto ako sa tapat ng laptop, nakatitig sa “create a post” na page ng blog kong walang nagbabasa.

Isang pamilyar na alert tone ang bumasag sa katahimikan

Grindr: New Message Received



Can’t believe you’re still here.

May problema ba kung andito pa rin ako?

Wala naman.

Sino ba’to?

Hulaan mo…

K bye.

Uy saglit. I held your hand sa taxi once.


Yeah…hahaha so hindi mo pa pala nakalimutan?

Tangina mo, hindi mo pa nababayaran yung 500 na inutang mo.

Babayaran ko na, paglumabas tayo bukas.

Sa BPI na lang. may gagawin ako bukas.


Oo. Pake mo?

Yan, aantayin kita sa bench sa tapat ng boat na mukhang swan sa Burnham Lake.

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5:43 am, makulimlim at tila hindi pa sumisikat ang araw.

Nakita ko sa facebook na dumating na si Reg galing Korea. Halos apat na taon na kaming hindi nagkikita. Alam ko na umuuwi siya ilang araw bago magpasko pero hindi kami nagkikita.

6:27 am, sumakay ako sa taxi na amoy expired na air freshner. Nakakahilo.

May nag-DM sa akin sa Instagram kaya ko binuksan. Ang una kong nakita, post ni Reg. Nasaloob siya ng Victory Liner na bus, window side, kitang kita na kakalampas lang sa Lion’s Head. Caption: “I’m Back.” May 2 comments at 5 likes. Ako na yung pang-anim.

12:23 pm, Lunch. Monggo at Lechon Kawali. Lakas maka-healthy living to kababuyan real quick.

Nagbasa sa twitter ng mga kagaguhan ng mga tao for entertainment. Nag-notif yung messenger. Si Reg.

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